SomaSense, About Denise Martini - Hakomi Practitioner, CMT, Minister, Massage Therapist

Spiritual Denise Martini - SomaSense Minister, Hakomi Practitioner, CMT, Massage TherapistCounselor – SomaSense Ministry of AIWP
(Association of the Integration of the Whole Person)

Certified Hakomi Practitioner

Certified Massage Therapist

Movement Facilitator

Credentials & Training

My gift, my calling and my passion is to be the movement of love through the body with language, inviting people to return home to themselves. I am a companion to the soul for individuals and groups on their journey into their hearts and bodies.

I was born into a family of ten and into a strict form of organized religion. Throughout my childhood I felt lost in the chaos, invisible in the crowd, and spiritually disconnected. This disconnect manifested in my body as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which eventually became one of the catalysts for my life’s work.

As a professional dancer who traveled throughout the world in the 80’s, I discovered massage and bodywork as a necessity. However, bodywork soon became a passion and I studied therapeutic massage and bodywork at The Swedish Institute in New York City in the late 80’s.  My interest in healing through the body and through movement led me to explore Continuum Movement in 1995, where I further explored my passion for moving concepts from theory into reality. In 2000 I began a 5 year in-depth training at the San Francisco Hakomi Institute.   My awe and respect for the human condition and the body-mind interconnectedness grew, and the spiritual nature of my work expanded. In 2007 I became an ordained minister and SomaSense; A Mindful Body Ministry of A.I.W.P. was birthed.

My life would not be what it is today without the great teachers, healers and mentors who embodied mindful self-inquiry. I love that I am now at home where I live, and at home within myself. My spiritual connection is restored, I have healed from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I am truly seen and supported on a personal and professional level by a network of loving, inspired people.

Office locations for my ministry work are in San Francisco and Sonoma, and I teach embodiment practices throughout the Bay Area.

“Intimacy begins with oneself”
-Thomas Moore

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