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What is Bio Dynamic Cranial Touch?

Bio Dynamic Cranial Touch is a non-medical, non-doing approach where the practitioner abides in neutral, resting in the SA node of her heart. This allows for the Breath of Life’s inherent treatment plan for the client to unfold. Both practitioner and client alike orient their attention within the body and attune to enfoldments of consciousness within the inner body space. This particular form was developed by Charles Ridley. Bio Dynamic Touch recognizes that the body is an unlimited mystery, and an on-going unfolding creative process that is an expression of consciousness. Bio Dynamic Touch reorients towards the health and wholeness within you, and the direct felt contact with how The Breath of Life expresses and flows in your body. We trust that what made the body also heals the body. The different enfoldments are revealed to both practitioner and client through the predominant elements that arise during a session.

Things you may experience in a session:

Cranial Rhythm-Earth-Tissue: your history, ego, inner static, buzzing, mind activity, perceiving from the nervous system.
your awareness (mind) and your inner body space are in relationship, a sense of healing body-mind, ocean like feelings, heart perceiving.
Luminosity-Air and Fire: breath becomes slower; awareness expands, spaciousness, lightness, and a sense of delicateness can arise. Self-referencing ceases and becoming one with the Absolute happens.
Dynamic Stillness- Radiant Presence:
vast infinite blackness, accompanied with a sense of being unconditionally loved, stillness and silence.
Breath of Love -All That IS:
Union with the Infinite, lessening of the sense of self, or “I” and an increase sense of the Body as Consciousness.

Benefits are:
- An experience of a direct body-felt connection to health and wholeness.
- Wholeness (health) on all levels; Body-Mind-Spirit
- Support of your inherent evolutionary plan.
- Deep union with The Breath of Life, which supports the evolution of consciousness.
- Increased calm and resiliency.
- A time and space to cultivate a receptive state of being.
- A greater sense of center, and a growing trust for how life moves you.

Note: Sessions are done in clothing on a bodywork table. Suggested length of session: 1 hour

Originator of Cranial Osteopathy, Dr. Sutherland, last piece of advice that is etched in his headstone  is:
“Be still and know”

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