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Thank you for visiting my site. There are no movement workshops scheduled at this time. Please do come back, periodically, to see when the next movement opportunities will be. In the meantime, keep on moving somewhere, always!



Come In

Come into this place, which we make holy
by our presence.
Come in with all your vulnerabilities and strengths,
fears and anxieties, loves and hopes.
For here you need not hide, nor pretend, or be
anything other than who you are and are called to be.
Come into this place where we can touch and be
touched, heal and be healed, forgive and be forgiven.
Come into this place, where the ordinary is
sanctified, the human is celebrated, the compassion is expected.
Come into this place.
Together we make it a holy place.



About Meditation and Mindful Movement Classes and Workshops

These (r) evolutionary practices are an opportunity to listen and connect deeply with ourselves as the cellular intelligence we are, and move with what IS. We slow down internally to open and allow our breath, our sounds, and our fluid nature to move us; guiding us deeper into “directly-experiencing” the healing, the magic, and the mystery that we are, as body. Together, in this rich field of infinite possibilities we will harvest our ever-evolving consciousness and our inner knowing, while rejuvenating our bodies, minds and souls!

These classes and workshops are inspired by my studies with Continuum Movement, the Hakomi Method, Re-Creation of the Self, Bio-Dynamic Cranial Touch, Contact Improvisation, and over 20 years of experience in private practice as a body worker and spiritual counselor. I have been facilitating movement groups over the past 20 years and offer a unique blend of somatic and spiritual practices.

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