Movement, Meditative Movement, Hakomi Method, Continuum Movement, Contact Improvisation

Stay tuned for the return of Meditation and Mindful Movement Morning Practice to begin again Wednesday mornings, Fall 2018!

* Time and Location TBA


New Offerings in the Fall:

“Grief & Wisdom Circles”
Monday Evenings
Sharing-Speaking-Moving from our Hearts
Witnessing-Listening-Receiving with our Hearts

* Time and Location TBA


“Recycling & Rediscovering ART & HEALING”

┬áCome create and heal through art making; “Kleenex Grief” boxes, to utilizing recycled packaging materials, to found art objects. Let’s spend time sharing our hearts impressions-expressions while igniting our imaginations, together!

* Time, Day and Location TBA


A Wintertime Retreat sure to return again in January 2019!

Stay Tuned!



Come In

Come into this place, which we make holy
by our presence.
Come in with all your vulnerabilities and strengths,
fears and anxieties, loves and hopes.
For here you need not hide, nor pretend, or be
anything other than who you are and are called to be.
Come into this place where we can touch and be
touched, heal and be healed, forgive and be forgiven.
Come into this place, where the ordinary is
sanctified, the human is celebrated, the compassion is expected.
Come into this place.
Together we make it a holy place.



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